Behavioural profiling can help you to understand your team

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The case studies below explain some of the common behaviours in the workplace, as well as WHY they behave this way – it’s simply their DiSC profile!

Jacob sent out an email that horrified most of his staff. There were no niceties- it was straight to the point, and in fact, quite rude. While his staff were horrified, they weren’t surprised. This is how Jacob often communicated. Jacob is a dominance DiSC profile, not a horrible person.

Leah walked into the training room and was immediately friendly – to me, the Trainer, and to the rest of the class. During the day Leah had to be hurried along a little bit as she was busy socialising and had fallen behind in work. Leah is an influence DiSC profile, not slow or lazy.

Melinda is by far the nicest person at work. She always makes sure that new people feel included and that everyone is treated fairly. Melinda is also on safety team, and while she is great at keeping people safe, she isn’t great at telling people to change their behaviour for the sake of safety. Melinda is a steadiness DiSC profile, not lacking a backbone.

Jim is the kind of guy that is detailed focused- he picks up on spelling errors, becomes annoyed when people are late from breaks and when working on a team activity, takes longer than anticipated because it needs to be perfect.

Jim is a compliance DiSC profile, not a nuisance.

By understanding this information, we can see strengths and weaknesses in each of the people and their DiSC profiles.

Jacob makes a great Leader because he is direct and decisive, but he can rub people up the wrong way, unless he modifies his communication style.

Leah is positive and friendly, making people feel happy, but she can get side-tracked because she is more focused on people than tasks. There is a time and a place for both.

Melinda is lovely and makes people feel safe and included, but in her quest to be nice, she sometimes lacks the directness and honesty needed for her role.

Jim is great in his role as the team payroll officer – his attention to detail is second to none. However, Jim needs to be ok with things not always being perfect to make sure all his work gets done.

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