Flying with pride: Audit into flags across Penrith region

Mark Davies with the Australian flag.
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Flags at Penrith Council assets across the city will be audited to ensure they are on display and in good condition.

Almost 10 years since he pushed for Australian flags and Aboriginal flags to be installed at various spots across the region, Councillor Mark Davies has thrown his support behind a request for a flag audit.

“It was in 2012/2013 when I was Mayor that we managed to get three flags flown at St Marys like we do here at the Council chambers, also at the Senior Citizens Hall here in Penrith, also I believe at Melrose Hall and also to display the Australian flag and Aboriginal flag in our community halls,” he explained during last month’s Ordinary Council meeting.

“I do support an audit on the condition of those Australian flags, but I would also like an audit on those flags being pictured or framed… in our community centres throughout the LGA.”

Councillor Marcus Cornish said he believes it is a “matter of national pride that our flags look respectable” and “not left wanting”, and requested Council officers also list other potential Council buildings to house the Aussie flag.

Cr Davies said he would be happy to hear suggestions for other locations.

“Nothing has been highlighted to me and no one has come to me with other ideas as such as yet,” he said.

“But even things like our public pools, I’m not sure if they have one or not, but you know, why not?”

As for people who think the money could be better spent elsewhere, Cr Davies said it was a comparatively small cost.

“In terms of costs, I think Council probably wastes a whole lot more money on a lot of other things when you compare it to flying the Australian flag and maintaining the Australian flags,” Cr Davies said.

The Australian national flag was first flown in 1901 and has three elements: the Union Jack, the Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross.

The Aboriginal flag was first displayed on July 12, 1971 on National Aborigines Day at Victoria Square in Adelaide.

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