New push to re-open Caddens Road

Penrith MP Stuart Ayres at Caddens Road.
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It’s one of Penrith’s most baffling road closures and now State MP Stuart Ayres is posing the question about the re-opening of Caddens Road.

Mr Ayres has launched an online survey to ask locals if Penrith Council should re-open the road between Gipps Street and Bringelly Road.

Causing much debate after the road was closed in two sections in the last few years as part of the 2008 Master Plan for the area, Mr Ayres told the Weekender a number of people have raised the issue with him.

“Now that Caddens is almost fully developed and the Werrington Arterial is operational I thought it was a good time to ask the public about Caddens Road,” he said.

“Penrith Council has already foreshadowed further development in Orchard Hills, and Caddens Road could be an important connection between Gipps Street and The Northern Road.”

Mr Ayres said re-opening the road would reduce traffic congestion on Cadda Ridge Drive and O’Connell Lane, which residents have been campaigning Council to address since the closure.

Councillor Tricia Hitchen, who has dealt with complaints from residents in Caddens and surrounding areas, agreed with the push to re-open Caddens Road but said it didn’t seem likely.

Not all residents share the same opinion, such as Caddens resident Brian Davis, who is against the re-opening.

“I did my research of the Council DCP when I bought back in 2012 and I waited six years for it to close to get relief from all the speeding cars, so it would be devastating if they go back on it,” he said.

Despite the mixed views, it seems Penrith Council is unlikely to budge.

“The Master Plan for Caddens identified a road hierarchy to best service the residential estate and community,” a Council spokesperson said.

“This focused on the development of a new collector road, Cadda Ridge Drive, and the closure of Caddens Road, which is an old rural road with a history of accidents and safety concerns.”

If you want to complete the survey to share your opinion, visit

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