Podcast: Art & history shape Linda’s creative process

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Linda Swinfield has developed a resilient and respected career in art, through a journey of many different pathways.

Commencing as a visual art student in 1979, Linda majored in black and white analogue photography and experimental painting at Meadowbank Technical College in Sydney. Photography has remained a constant diary for her to record events, research family, and develop ideas.

Further tertiary studies complemented Linda’s practice and continued to provide different perspectives that she has applied to her work. Through her art, Linda continues to incorporate personal, traditional and collective histories to construct narratives.

Linda has been able to share her knowledge with up-and-coming artists whilst holding teaching positions at high schools, TAFE and community arts centres. Educating, according to Linda, is about providing opportunities and enabling artists to recognise their unique strengths.

“Teaching art is about opening a pathway. It’s really important to remember that pathway is individual, and very different, for every artist,” Linda said.

Moving to the Blue Mountains a few years ago has provided a fresh perspective and sense of inspiration to Linda. Leaning on her many experiences has enabled Linda to reflect on her career and to pass on sound advice to the next generation of creatives.

“You need to get someone, a mentor, to guide you and support you. It may not always be an easy path to question your creative process. That tough feedback, often has been good feedback”, Linda said.

“It’s very important to be open (to feedback on your practice). You really have to try and take it on board and to listen”.

Find out more by listening to the latest episode of the Passion & Perspective podcast.

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