Podcast: Passion and determination shines through in Ashlee’s art

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Ashlee Bucholtz grew up in Oaky Park, Lithgow and developed a love for art and painting at an early age.

Having attended the Newcastle Art School and National Art School, she took valuable learnings as a person and an artist that helped shape her perspective.

“They (art schools) teach you how to challenge yourself and to challenge your skills, to have a standard that you want to achieve,” Ashlee said.

“But, also to understand that it’s okay to make a bad artwork. The more you fail the more successful you will be.”

Currently residing in the Blue Mountains, Ashlee continues to develop her artwork and spends time as a part-time art educator. The focus of her work is on ambiguous spaces using unconventional colour, stimulating the sensory experience for the viewer.

At the age of 24, Ashlee was told she had Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Whilst confronting, the diagnosis has enabled a refined and clear focus on her life, her health and her art.

“Strangely enough, it (MS) has had a good impact too – I focus a lot on my health now. I eat really well, I take more notice of my mental health,” Ashlee said.

Living with MS has not hindered Ashlee’s drive to produce great art and strive for success. Success, according to Ashlee, is relative and is shaped by (What) you want to achieve as an individual.

“Do you want to see yourself in regional or state-level galleries? Do you want to be winning prizes?” Ashlee pondered.

“There are still some areas that I would love to see my art hanging, and some prizes I’d like to be in. I get to go to a studio most days and I’m also teaching art, which feels really satisfying.”

When reflecting on her career so far, there is a sense of pride and satisfaction that shines through for Ashlee.

“In retrospect, I am where I am because of all my hard work. I am where I am because I never decided to give it up.”

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