What style are you?

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Have you ever wondered what style you are and never quite figured it out?

We all have a style. There are quizzes you can take online to help you find your style and if you still struggle, it might be worth hiring an interior designer to help.

Our style is eclectic.

We’ve always known this in our staging of properties as we don’t have one particular style (we love bits of all of them).

Eclectic style is when you use different styles, patterns, colours or textures and pull them together cohesively so that it just works!

We also use natural elements such as wood, plants and cottons.

It’s OK to use a modern lounge with a classic style chair, the trick is not to overdo it so it feels cluttered!

Coastal is another style we also love. This consists of a light palette to start with – light coloured walls and floors. White furniture and linen, wicker, blue tones, white washed timbers, and greenery are all tell tale traits of a coastal style. Keep it light and airy with introduction of colour here and there. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re at the beach?

What style are you?

Minimalist is just what the name suggests!

Clean lines, minimal decorations (no clutter whatsoever), one or two colours at most, geometrical shapes, functional and more about the architecture.

You would think that this design style would be the easiest to achieve given it has a less is more approach but the opposite can be true.

Not done well, a minimalist space can end up feeling cold and underwhelming. Using products such as beautiful natural timbers, oversized comfy furniture and large artworks can help with this.

Industrial style or industrial chic is another great style that has grown over the last 15 years or so. Concrete, exposed bricks, reclaimed timber and industrial style lights are all things that make up this style.

Soft furnishings, artwork and rugs are what bring the chic to this design.

We have only covered some styles here. Do any of these resonate with you? To explore this more – search design styles online and take some of those quizzes!

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