Elderly shouldn’t become complacent, experts say

Alan Martin. Photo: Megan Dunn.
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With Coronavirus restrictions beginning to lift, experts say it is still important for the 33,000 elderly residents in Penrith to continue self-isolating.

Priceline Pharmacist Alan Martin wants to share his tips on how the community can safely manage their health needs.

Mr Martin, who has been at Priceline Pharmacy Penrith South, previously Southlands Soul Pattinson, for 42 years said it is still important for people to be staying home.

“The elderly is particularly vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19 as many of them have underlying health conditions which can be exacerbated and put them at risk of the severe effects,” Mr Martin said.

“This also applies to groups with chronic health conditions, pregnant women and others who are at high risk.”

While encouraging those at a greater risk to isolate, Mr Martin said pharmacists can help them to prioritise their health.

“Pharmacy services play a big role in preventing medication ‘misadventure’ which is a common cause of hospital admissions for the elderly and something we need to prevent during this time,” he said.

“We can pack their medications into pill packs, depending on the recommendations of their GP and deliver them so that they can easily remember their medication every day.”

Incorporating technology, Mr Martin said the Priceline Pharmacy App is another way to easily manage medications.

“Once a customer downloads the free app they can contact us on 4731 6833 to get a code then they can check how many script repeats they have, order tablets or set reminders for their doses,” he said.

“They can snap and send a photograph of their prescription via the app and we can pick up the original when we deliver it.”

Mr Martin said mental health is also a priority to make sure the vulnerable are protected.

“COVID-19 can be a lonely time as these people are socially isolated, with many relatives keeping their distance trying not to spread the virus,” he said.

“I do most of the deliveries, even on my days off, as I think it is essential that they have contact with a person they trust and can have a quick conversation with while maintaining social distancing.”

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