Panthers forced to shift Jersey Flegg match

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Penrith has been forced to move its Jersey Flegg match scheduled to be played at Panthers Stadium tomorrow due to new Coronavirus guidelines required by the NRL.

But there is also the prospect tomorrow night’s NRL match against the Roosters will be played without a crowd, with the league’s governing body set to make a major announcement this afternoon.

While there is still no official government advice that mass gatherings be cancelled, sports around the world have been put on hold or are playing in front of empty stadiums as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen.

The NRL issued new guidelines yesterday but stopped short of shutting fans out from the opening weekend.

Those guidelines mean it’s not possible for Penrith’s Jersey Flegg match to be played at Panthers Stadium. It will be moved to St Marys Leagues Stadium and will be played on Sunday, March 15 at 11am.

The Panthers say the Canterbury Cup and NRL games will go ahead as scheduled, but the evolving situation could see that change this afternoon.

The NRL has been in constant contact with clubs as the situation evolves.


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