Podcast: New beginning for local musician

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For Jazz Hourigan, music and performing has been a major part of his life. Striving for success and fame in the music industry has provided many highs and many lows for the local musician.

Growing up in the Blue Mountains, it was sport and family that absorbed Jazz’s time and attention, forging a promising rugby career through his teenage years. However, through the back-end of his high-school years a chance opportunity with music changed the course of his young life.

Starting with local gigs at prominent Penrith and Blue Mountains venues, Jazz, along with a close friend, developed a strong following as a DJ duo. Performing alongside many recognised names in the industry opened doors for the duo, known as ‘Jagged Beatz’.

Before long, mainstream festivals such as ‘Future Music’ beckoned. Jazz’s self-determination and drive has always underpinned his work and this ambition saw him take on a unique opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, with a dream of landing a record deal with US producers.

Despite the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, a significant investment of time and money generated minimal returns for Jazz. The experience, although not as planned, taught him a valuable lesson in trust, decision making and relationships.

Throughout his journey, Jazz has maintained a strong perspective and has always been able to lean on the backing of friends and family back in the Blue Mountains.

Now back and grounded in the Blue Mountains, Jazz has re-focused his musical style and is close to releasing a new album. Concurrently, Jazz is working hard to rekindle relationships close to home, that drifted during his time abroad.

His love of people and love of performing continues to drive Jazz on the quest for success.

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