Man arrested after bizarre road rage incident in Glenmore Park

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A man has been charged with predatory driving after a bizarre scene erupted in Glenmore Park last weekend.

About 8.50am on Saturday, February 15 a 38-year-old Glenmore Park man was driving his unregistered Lexus motor vehicle at high speeds on Bluestone Drive, crossing to the incorrect side of the road.

At the same time another Glenmore Park resident, who was travelling in the opposite direction, swerved out of the way, almost hitting the 38-year-old’s vehicle.

It is alleged the 38-year-old performed a harsh handbrake turn in an attempt to catch up to the man, ramming his Lexus into the rear of the car, causing him to lose control. It is alleged he again performed a hand brake turn to face the front of the vehicle he had rammed and revved the engine.

The 38-year-old then exited the vehicle, removed a broken metal tire iron and walked towards the driver, verbally abusing him before walking off into a nearby bushland.

Police were contacted and attended the location.

It is alleged at the same time police have attended the location, the 38-year-old had walked a short distance, contacted 000 and was reporting his vehicle as stolen.

Police located the man, whilst still on the phone to the Police Assistance Line and arrested him.

His licence was suspended and he was charged with a long list of offences.

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