Classic ’80s flicks to be shown at The Joan

Dirty Dancing.
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It’s steaming hot outside, school holidays are in full swing and you’ve had enough of the festive season.

Why not retreat to a cool, dark theatre to indulge yourself in some of the most iconic movies to come out of the ‘80s?

There will be two movie showings per day from 11am and 2pm throughout the week at the ‘80s Film Festival at The Joan in January.

Expect to see favourites like ‘Footloose’, ‘Dirty Dancing’, along with ‘Risky Business’, ‘Flashdance’ and ‘The Princess Bride’ plus on the final day of the film festival all five movies will get a run from 11am.

Make sure to go all out and don your shoulder pads and bubble skirts, oversized tees or high waisted jeans. Be sure to bring the kids if rating permits, lower your expectations and prepare for some chilled summer fun out of the heat.

‘80s Film Festival’ will be on at The Joan in Penrith from Saturday, January 11 to Saturday, January 18. Tickets for a single film are $12 or $50 for the whole week. To book or for more information, call 4723 7600 or visit

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