Penrith woman scores $163,000 on KENO

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A Penrith woman who used her late relative’s lucky numbers to mark her Keno entry has made the shock discovery that those numbers have delivered her a Keno 9 Spot win.

The woman held a Keno 9 Spot winning entry in game 047 on Wednesday, September 4, delivering her $163,273.90.

Speaking with a Keno official this afternoon to confirm her prize, the happy woman explained how her Keno win came to be.

“I am still shaking!” she laughed.

“I went out with the girls for a fun night out and I bought a Keno entry using a late relative’s numbers that they always used.

“I was so shocked when I discovered the win!

“I asked my sister to pinch me to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

“I just thought ‘holy sh**’. It felt like it was meant to be.

“I just can’t believe it! It’s so surprising.

“It’s certainly turned my week around.”

When asked how she planned to enjoy her prize, the happy woman declared she would put it to good use.

“I’ll celebrate next week. I will have some friends over,” she explained.

“I am going to pay some bills and put it on the mortgage. I want to be wise with it.”

The player, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her Keno 9 Spot winning entry at Panthers Leagues Club.

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