Teenager charged over string of robberies

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A 16-year-old North St Marys youth has been charged after a string of armed robberies in Thornton Estate.

At 8.45pm on Monday, August 19, a 24-year-old Penrith man was walking on Lord Sheffield Circuit, Penrith when he was approached by two males wearing bandanas.

Cash was demanded and the man, in fear of his life, handed over his wallet.

He returned home, shaken and contacted police.

On the same street at about 9.50pm the same offenders approached a 31-year-old man, again demanding money and threatening him with a knife.

The victim ran and contacted police immediately.

At 10.20pm a 48-year-old Penrith man was approached by the same offenders on Woodman Street, Penrith where he was threatened to be stabbed if he didn’t hand over cash.

The victim handed over his phone and headphones before the 16-year-old offender pushed the blade of the knife into his ribs, threatening him and demanding his engagement ring.

He handed it over and fled to a nearby home to contact police.

Following inquiries, police located the 16-year-old at a nearby train station and located the engagement ring on his person.

He was charged with ‘robbery in company’, ‘demand property in company with menaces and intent to steal’ as well as ‘aggravated robbery’ and ‘inflict actual bodily harm’.

He is to appear at a children’s court at a later date. Investigations are continuing.

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