Is crime spike behind insurance increases in Caddens?

Bianca Coppola was shocked when she received her home insurance renewal notice. Photo: Megan Dunn
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Residents of Caddens are concerned their home insurance cover is rising as a result of an influx of crime in the area.

Whilst new estates have always been a shiny target for petty thieves, with an increase in break-ins on top of the recent drive-by shooting, Caddens has certainly borne the brunt of undesirable visitors.

After getting married and then moving into a brand new home just 12 months ago, Caddens resident Bianca Coppola said money is relatively tight, which was the driving force behind her choice in insurance providers.

She initially chose Budget Direct but was shocked when she went to renew the policy that it had risen considerably.

“We didn’t go for the most expensive package, just the basics, so we paid around $900 and then a couple of weeks ago I got another quote which was around the $1400 mark,” she said.

“They didn’t give us a reason but I definitely think it could be due to crime. We’ve had quite a lot in the past 12 months, which is expected in new estates, but still scary how it can affect us like this financially.”

Ms Coppola said since moving into the area she has seen a lot of neighbours posting about thieving incidents on the community Facebook page, although she has been lucky to not experience it herself.

The Weekender contacted Budget Direct for comment but they declined.

A number of circumstances can inflate premiums such as inflation, the number of claims made, and the value or quantity of what is being insured.

A reassessment of the individual’s risk can also be a contributing factor, which does include an increase of reported crime in the area.

A spokesperson from the Insurance Council of Australia said crime makes up a small component of many things that can cause an increased premium.

“Insurers will review the premium each year and this can go up or down depending on the factors that the insurer needs to take into account and that could be based on whether the householder lodged a claim or whether there has been more crime,” the spokesperson said.

Some insurers offer discounts for items that reduce this risk such as house alarms, window locks or deadlock doors. It is recommended residents shop around to find the most suitable policy for them.

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