OAM honours for dedicated volunteers

Pauline Tees and Lorraine Cochrane. Photo: Nicola Barton
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Two members of Penrith Golf Club will today receive their Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM), in recognition of their contribution to a local school.

Hosting the annual Charity Golf Day for the past 26 years, members Lorraine Cochrane and Pauline Tees have helped deliver over $352,000 to Werrington Public School’s support unit.

The money raised has gone on to deliver many wonderful projects for the children, including an entryway to the support unit building, additional classes, therapy room upgrades, shade sails, educational resources, sporting equipment and even a vegetable garden.

The money has also gone towards hiring special transport and personnel to enable students to participate in a variety of school excursions.

Penrith resident Lorraine Cochrane said she was honoured to be recognised for something she loves doing.

“The kids are very special, they are so beautiful and we just know that all the money raised is going to a good use,” she said.

“After we did it the first year, the degree of emotion in helping these kids just really made us want to stay with them all these years and they appreciated it so much.”

Glenmore Park resident and life member of the club, Pauline Tees said she was completely shocked when she heard the news.

“It’s an absolute honour, when you’re not expecting something and you do it because you love doing it and you do it for the children, it’s just unbelievable,” she said.

Both women can’t really remember what sparked the idea for the initiative back in 1993 but have stuck by it after witnessing how much of a difference it made to the school.

“It wasn’t just us, we were there from the beginning but the other girls helped too, there’s a lot of computer work, phone work and walking the streets to get businesses on board, the support from everyone and the golf club has just been absolutely amazing,” Ms Tees said.

The annual Charity Golf Day runs every October and averages about 150 participants each year.

Both women thanked local businesses and attendees for their ongoing support.

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