Royal Baby fever reaches Penrith

Courtney Dyer is thrilled about the Royal Baby’s arrival. Photo: Melinda Jane
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Excitement is well and truly in the air for Penrith’s Royals fans after the longly anticipated arrival of baby Sussex this week.

The Duchess, Meghan Markle gave birth on Tuesday morning Australian time, delivering a healthy 3.2kg baby boy. Husband Prince Harry addressed the media shortly after, announcing the exciting news.

Glenmore Park resident and life-long royal fan, Courtney Dyer, said she has been checking her phone continuously for updates and had been eagerly awaiting the arrival.

“The video of Harry announcing the baby made me tear up a little bit. Prince Harry is definitely my favourite, I’ve always had a crush on him, so it was exciting because it’s a new generation,” she said.

“I think Harry and Meghan are quite progressive in the way that they function, you could call them a new wave, so it will be nice to see him raised in that way that is still very privileged but also well informed.”

The 20-year-old’s two parents travelled to Windsor on the day of Harry and Meghan’s wedding, bringing back lots of merchandise.

“My friends think my obsession is hilarious but it’s nice to commemorate things like this. At the end of the day I’d rather be known for obsessing over the Royals than the Kardashians,” she said.

St Clair resident Miriam Sultana has grown up in a Royal-crazed household, with memorabilia on display.

Last year she met the couple at the Sydney Opera House and said she has been counting down the days for baby Sussex to arrive.

Miriam Sultana loves the Royal Family

“I have been waiting all of April and I got a notification on my phone to say it was finally here and I was just beyond excited, I’ve been checking their Instagram every morning,” she said.

Both women predict the baby to be named Arthur, although Ms Sultana has a feeling it might be James.

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