WSU students call for ban on outsiders

Tiana Rodwell says changes need to be made at WSU. Photo: Megan Dunn
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Western Sydney University (WSU) students are fed up with high school students using their facilities, launching a petition calling for them to be banned.

21-year-old Penrith resident Tiana Rodwell, who is studying a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and Management at Parramatta, studies at Kingswood campus and is in strong support of a ban.

“I constantly see high school students at the library even during school hours, so I am guessing they have free periods, but they are very messy and loud. It is a little less at Kingswood but that increases during HSC time,’’ Ms Rodwell said.

“If they had come in wisely and studied properly there wouldn’t have been a problem, but they come in and take up all the room and don’t pay for the resources. We are paying the amenities fee for them.’’

University students have made complaints to campus security and don’t believe the high school students should be able to use WSU facilities, even if they may be potential future students of the university.

“I understand that the university might want to bring them in for the experience, but they have open days for that,’’ Ms Rodwell said.

“There have been instances where my groups have gone to study or work on assignments and we have had to end up going to someone’s house to study or another campus and it’s just a waste of time.”

A WSU spokesperson told the Weekender they were pleased to have high school students as a part of their community to encourage them with their future career aspirations. They said they were aware of some of the challenges relating to them using the facilities and were trying to resolve those issues.

“The university has undertaken research to better understand the situation, including engaging students to help determine how best to address the issue and is working rapidly to implement solutions that will more immediately alleviate concerns from our students and not compromise their on-campus experience,’’ the spokesperson said.

“Work is also underway to implement long-term solutions that will provide a positive experience for both Western Sydney University students and high school students.’’

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