Local school’s special milestone

Gail Macleod-Jones, Karen Maraga, Samuel Carter and David Bamford at Regentville Public School. Photo: Melinda Jane
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Regentville Public School is inviting past and present students, teachers and families to take a walk down memory lane at their 150th anniversary celebration.

A range of activities and performances will be available to the public on Wednesday, September 26, including a QR code history walk and art display.

Deputy Principal, David Bamford said the school has a real connection with the community.

“I’m hoping that we will get lots of past teachers and students who can catch up and reminisce on their experience at Regentville,” he said.

“The school was almost closed before Glenmore Park opened, it’s incredible to acknowledge how much, not only the school, but the surrounding community has changed since then.”

First opened in 1868, the school has grown from 12 to 685 students.
Gail Macleod-Jones, who has been teaching at the school for 27 years, said she hopes the event is something of a time warp for ex-students.

“When I first came here, the school was very small with only 87 students, it was very much a country school and over time I’ve got to witness that grow,” she said.

“The best part about working here for so long is that I get to see adults now that I once taught and finding out what they’ve done with their lives, it’s very special to me.”

The school has restored their old bell and tennis court and still uses the original building as their office.

“It will be lovely for people to come and not only see how the school has changed but to also realise they are very much part of the history of the school, their memories will really come to life,” Mrs Macleod-Jones said.

11-year-old prefect, Samuel Carter said he’s looking forward to the event.

“I’m excited for our big show, all the grades are doing a dance and our parents get to come along and watch, it’s going to be a great time,” he said.

For more information about the event, call the school on 4733 1615.

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