Man’s pizza order escalates into slew of criminal offences

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A Jamisontown man’s determination to eat pizza has landed him in strife after he racked up a slew of offences when his online order fell through.

Penrith Local Court heard Geoffery John Gray had consumed eight schooners of full strength beer at a nearby watering hole before he walked home and unsuccessfully tried to order pizza online.

Unperturbed, the 44-year-old used his phone to order it instead, but things hit a snag when he decided to drive to the High Street store to collect it.

After parking erratically in an Australian Post restricted parking zone, his wheel up on the gutter, Gray walked off to get his takeaway, determining there was no reason to give his particulars to the taxi driver whose car he bumped as he was trying to park.

When police arrived, they breath tested the offender, finding him almost three times over the legal limit, his second high-range PCA offence in five years.

His status as a suspended driver and the small amount of cannabis in his possession were also revealed.

“You decided to drive while you’re suspended, and not for a pressing reason,” Magistrate Georgia Knight said wryly during his sentencing at Penrith Local Court last Thursday.

“You seem to lead a double life – work through the day and become a monster at night.

“You were clearly drunk and unpleasant… and obscene,” she added, referring to him exposing himself to a female officer after his arrest.

She said “given the raised culpability” of his drink driving, his penalty had to be a jail sentence, but was willing to allow him to be assessed to see if he is eligible to serve his sentence in the community.

He will learn his fate on October 26.

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