Man who shot police officer at Nepean Hospital to apply for bail

Sandra Warburton and her husband Luke in hospital in 2016
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The man charged with shooting police officer Luke Warburton at Nepean Hospital in 2016 will apply for bail in the District Court next week.

2GB broadcaster Ray Hadley has revealed 39-year-old Michael de Guzman, who is charged with ‘shooting with intent to murder’, ‘discharging a firearm with intent to resist arrest’ and ‘detaining for advantage’, will make the application on February 12.

“This gunman who tried to kill a number of people – allegedly – is apparently applying for bail next Monday at a court in Sydney,” Hadley said.

“I’m hoping like hell the DPP will vehemently oppose that bail and I’m hoping whoever is presiding will leave this bloke exactly where he is – in jail.”

It’s believed de Guzman was high on ice when police took him to Nepean Hospital for treatment where he shot Senior Constable Warburton and a security guard.

Mr Warburton spent five weeks in hospital before being released to continue rehabilitation at home.

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