New album is full of heart

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Any married couple would know that mixing business with pleasure can be a risky adventure, but for Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont it was something that came naturally.

“Overall it was pretty cool really, we had no idea how we would go working together but, we complemented each other in the studio,” Adam said.

“But we definitely had to keep in the forefront of our minds to make sure not to lash out at each other,” Brooke laughed.

Seizing a window of opportunity as Brooke’s sisters were taking time off to have children, Adam halted recording the Adam Eckersley Band’s third album and five weeks later, the couple had completed their very first album together.

“It was exciting to do it, writing and then recording the album, it was pretty quick and we didn’t have time to muck about, but we’re glad we did it,” Adam said.

“We had written the songs in our lounge room or in our shed or wherever we wrote them, then to take them into the studio, we weren’t sure how it was going to turn out but we were completely blown away,” Brooke added.

“I had someone ask me the other day what’s your favourite song on the album and I really can’t say.

“It’s one of those albums where you have to listen to it top to tail because it takes you through basically our lives and what we’ve been going through.”

Neither reflecting the McClymonts or the Adam Eckersley Band, Brooke says that the self-titled album, ‘Adam and Brooke’, is something different altogether.

“The exciting thing for us was we could start something new,” Brooke said.

“We were inspired by our friends’ experiences and stories and also our own experiences in this point in time,” Adam added.

Celebrating the release of the album, the pair will be playing 27 live shows and will be kicking off the tour at Rooty Hill RSL.

“That is the first show of the tour and the day the album is released, so we are gong to be pumped,” Adam said.

“We’ve got the best musicians playing with us and it’s going to be great.”

‘The Highway Sky Tour’ will be on at Rooty Hill RSL on Friday, February 9 at 8pm. Tickets are $30. For more information, visit

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