Oztag attacker to appeal suspended jail sentence

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Trevor Riley

Trevor Riley, who punched an Oztag referee during a match last month, has been handed a 16-month suspended jail sentence today.

However, it is understood he will appeal.

Riley has been banned from Oztag for life after he assaulted referee Travis Kelly during a semi final match at the Kingsway in August.

Riley, 22, boasted about the attack on social media.

“I hit the ref last night lol… that cheat,” he posted on Facebook.

Penrith Oztag Association has been strong in their response to the incident.

“The player in question has been suspended for life from Penrith Oztag Association, a penalty that Australian Oztag has also applied to him in regards to all Oztag competitions,” the organisation said in a statement earlier this month.

“This player will not be permitted to play Oztag again. Furthermore the player has been banned from attending any games run by Penrith Oztag Association, so he will not even be a spectator at any games.”

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