Shirt thief busted wearing stolen shirt

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A shirt thief has made the mistake of wearing his stolen property, leading to his arrest at O’Donoghues Irish Pub last week.

A train guard was checking the carriages of a terminated service at Emu Plains Train Station at 9.50pm on Friday, June 30 when he came across a man sleeping in the carriage.

The train guard attempted to wake the 26-year-old sleeping passenger from St Andrews, who was unhappy about being woken up.

The employee then continued his job, and stepped outside of the carriage onto the platform.

The 26-year-old followed the man, threw him against the fence and ripped the guard’s shirt off him.

Police were called and attended O’Donoghues where they found the man wearing the shirt of the employee around his waist.

He was subsequently arrested and taken to Penrith Police Station where he was charged with ‘assault’ and ‘malicious damage’.

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