Fred’s desperate search for medals

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A retired serviceman has been left heartbroken after losing two of his war medals at ANZAC Day services this year.

He is calling for anyone who might have seen the medals to come forward, fearing he will never seem them again.

82-year-old Fred Bucholtz worries his medals will be “gone forever.”

“I treasure all the help, because once you lose them, the Government won’t give you any more,” Mr Bucholtz said.

“Two weeks ago I had to go to a funeral, and I got my jacket out to put it on and they were missing.

“I don’t know if I lost them both together, or if I lost them separately.

“I hope that somebody at the Dawn Service might have picked them.”

After a horrible few months where his wife recently spent several weeks at Nepean Hospital, the realisation that his medals might never be returned to him have left him completely devastated.

“She’s already out of hospital now, but I’m stressed out because everything is going wrong,” he said.

With two grandsons, Mr Bucholtz had hopes of passing his medals on to them, and is appealing for help to get them back.

Mr Bucholtz, who now resides in Emu Plains, was a part of the Army Reserve 12th battalion at Muswellbrook where he was responsible for driving army trucks.

It is thought that his medals have fallen of his jacket, or been misplaced during this year’s Penrith ANZAC Services at the Penrith RSL Club, near Memory Park or around Judges car park.

If you have come across his National Servicemen or Australian Defence Force medal, please hand them in to Penrith Police or contact the Weekender.

UPDATE: Fred’s medals have now been found.

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