Onlookers shocked as women fight in medical centre waiting room

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An Oxley Park woman who assaulted an acquaintance in front of stunned onlookers has been hit with a two-year good behaviour bond.

Teraza Widom, 35, appeared before Penrith Local Court last Thursday charged with ‘common assault’ and ‘breach bond’ after she lashed out at the woman in what her lawyer submitted was an “opportunistic” and “unplanned” attack.

The court heard the mother-of-seven attended a St Marys medical centre for treatment following an alleged altercation the night before with the woman – who she knew from the local Sudanese community – and stumbled upon the victim.

Court papers reveal the Sudanese national immediately approached the victim, slapping her to the face while she was seated in the waiting room.

She then pushed her to the ground and held her against the floor, dragging the victim across the carpet before numerous members of the public prised her off.

Magistrate John McIntosh warned her to rein in her anger, noting the offence was aggravated by the fact she was on a Section 9 good behaviour bond at the time for biting her son.

“You have to control your temper otherwise you’ll find you’ll receive a custodial sentence,” he said.

Her lawyer painted a picture of a tough and underprivileged upbringing, saying his client was not afforded the opportunity to read or write and entered into an arranged marriage at 16.

“I’m told she is angry with her husband for not assisting her with the children,” he said.

“Her English is slight… her outlets are minimal.”

Magistrate McIntosh took no action on the breach and imposed a fresh two-year Section 9 good behaviour bond with a condition that she accept supervision for anger management counselling.

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