Bystanders chase down armed robber

Cash Stop in St Marys. Photo: Jason Donnelly
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An alleged armed robbery offender is in police custody after smashing his way into the jewellery cases of a business in St Marys and attempting to flee.

Police responded to reports of a robbery taking place at the Cash Stop business shortly after 2.30pm this afternoon. Reports stated a male wearing a balaclava entered the business and attempted to gain entry into a secured area.

When staff failed to comply with his orders he then allegedly used a weapon thought to be a hammer to smash his way into jewellery cases in the store before fleeing on foot towards a rear lane way.

The smashed jewellery case. Photo: Jason Donnelly

Bystanders gave chase and the alleged offender was held until the arrival of a police a short time later.

The man was taken into custody and transported to St Marys Police Station.

Police from St Marys LAC are investigating. No staff were injured during the incident.

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