No more chances: Habitual offender to serve jail time

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An unlicenced mother-of-six caught driving while banned at North St Marys has been told the “time has finally come” to spend time in the slammer.

Lisa May Brown, 40, appeared before Magistrate Georgia Knight last Thursday at Penrith Local Court, charged with the latest in a long string of ‘driving while disqualified’ offences.

Magistrate Knight said the habitual offender, who has never held a licence and is currently disqualified until 2026, had been given “opportunity after opportunity” to serve community-based sentences and alternatives to full time jail and “she still doesn’t get it”.

The court heard Ms Brown was pulled over along Kurrajong Road on January 23 for the purposes of an RBT about 4.48pm.

At the time of the stop there was a licenced driver in the passenger seat as well as three young children seated in the back, according to the facts.

Her lawyer asked Magistrate Knight to “bear in mind her parental responsibilities”, but Magistrate Knight said it was clear she had been shown leniency in the past. She said the court can’t be seen to be sending out the message that people with children at home can commit offences and get away with it.

“It has to be full time jail,” she said.

“I’m aware that there are kids at home… ultimately the court has to take into account the protection of the public.”

The court heard Ms Brown was handed two jail sentences last year – an Intensive Correction Order and Section 12 bond – for the exact same offences, which allowed her to serve the sentences in the community.

Ms Brown remained calm as her sentence of 12 months jail with a non-parole period of six months was handed down.

It is understood she will appeal the sentence at Penrith District Court on March 31, but will remain behind bars in the meantime.

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