Bride more than fashionably late after accident on the way to wedding

Anita Cole with one of the fire fighters

Anita Cole’s wedding day checklist included many things, but she could never have prepared for what was about to happen.

Everything was running smoothly last Friday afternoon, when the Jordan Springs bride climbed into the back of a car to complete her final task of the day – make it to her wedding safely, and on time.

However, a fast moving truck made sure that wouldn’t happen, when it collided with the car carrying her three bridesmaids at the intersections of The Northern Road and Kings Hill Road, Mulgoa.

“I was in the car in front of them with my Dad,” she told the Weekender.

“I turned around and I just saw the car spin and the whole back of it was gone, I thought they were dead, I was inconsolable.”

It was around 4.30pm, and Mrs Cole was just six kilometres from her final destination at Mulgoa Valley Receptions where her partner Tim was waiting patiently for her to arrive.

“We ended up being about an hour-and-a-half late,” she said.

One of Mrs Cole's bridesmaids following the crash
One of Mrs Cole’s bridesmaids following the crash

Mrs Cole said members of both the Wallacia and Regentville Rural Fire Brigades attended the accident promptly, and went above and beyond in helping as best as they could.

“We were there for a while. The firies wanted to call an ambulance for the girls to check them over, but instead of standing there they escorted us to the reception and the ambulance met us there,” she said.

Jody Preston, Captain of Wallacia Rural Fire Brigade, said they did what they had to do.

“It was a special day so we thought about how we could help, and it was only to Mulgoa,” he said.

Mr Preston said the intersection is highly dangerous and is renowned for car accidents.

“Cars that want to turn right off The Northern Road onto Kings Hill Road stop on the road.

There’s a guard rail on the left of The Northern Road, and cars coming behind the stopped vehicle think they can fit between the car and the guard rail,” he said.

“In this instance, the driver’s side front corner of the small truck’s tray has hit the back of the white car. It happens a lot up there because people aren’t paying attention and run up the back of others.”

If nothing else, the newly married couple have a great story to tell.

The crashed vehicle
The crashed vehicle