Police inspect heavy vehicles following crash

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An inoperable airbag and loose driver’s seat were among the defects discovered during a heavy vehicle compliance operation today.

About 6.30am, officers from the Heavy Vehicle Taskforce attended an engineering company at St Marys and inspected five vehicles.

The operation follows a serious crash on The Northern Road at Cranebrook yesterday and ensures safety and compliance across the heavy vehicle network on our roads.

Results of the operation included three vehicles found with alleged defects, including gear box oil leaks, air bag air leaks, inoperative brake lights, a loose driver’s seat, exposed door trims, cracked clearance lights and a missing rubber surface on the clutch pedal.

Officers also inspected a dog trailer and allegedly found the air bag suspension to be inoperative and the airbags unable to inflate.

NSW Police Force’s Traffic and Highway Commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, said drivers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their own vehicle.

“Those that drive, operate and load trucks and trailers need to ensure that safety is the priority, not only for their own benefit, but for the benefit of other road users,” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

“Operators involved in collisions with other vehicles can expect to have their fleet inspected to ensure that their trucks are safe and their drivers are fit and able to be on our roads.

“With the road toll currently at 262, which is 38 more than this time last year, we want all road users to be accountable for their actions, whether that be for driving, riding, cycling or pedestrian behaviour.”

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