Historic church set to house new restaurant

This Cranebrook church will soon become a restaurant
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From the north to the south, what’s old could soon be new again, after applications were made to Penrith Council to turn heritage buildings into restaurants and cafes.

Council has seen two separate development applications to fit out and use old buildings for restaurant purposes, which will offer locals a dining and cafe experience with a little bit of charm.

The first, which is now approved, is the conversion of an old church on the corner of Castlereagh Road and Nepean Street, Cranebrook.

The Anglican Church, which was purchased by the Church of England in 1927 and sold by the parish in 1986, will get a new lease on life as a restaurant with parking for 24 cars.

After being used as a small local church for Cranebrook locals for so many years, it will soon operate from 7am to 12am seven days a week.

The building will be refurbished in consultation with the Heritage Consultant and will generally match its existing style, with the addition of a new metal deck roof over an outdoor terrace and a path toward a gazebo.

The works are expected to cost around $150,000 to fit out the church as a restaurant, much more than a second proposed restaurant at the southern end of the local area, in Mulgoa.

A popular local wedding location, Settlers Reception, on Mulgoa Road could also soon be a new cafe, if its development application is approved by Council.

The plans include 28 off-street car spaces for guests, and does not require any structural changes to the main cottage, existing kitchen or floor layout.

At just $25,000 for the work not a great deal will be changed, except for smaller aesthetic differences such as new timber decking and sliding doors.

The cottage’s owners are keen to still hold functions on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays according to Stimson and Baker Planning Director, Natasha Baker, and are committed to conserving its heritage.

“The owners have to have a program for conservation. It gives the community certainty the heritage is maintained,” she said.

Ramp access will also be installed to improved accessibility from the car park to the premises.

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