New approach to healthcare launched in Penrith

Chris Scanlon, Naomi Amor, Trent Baker, Uty Kotwal and Jeffrey Jenkins with Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres. Photo: Hilary Nathan Photography.
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The Penrith region is the home of an innovative new approach to healthcare, that now offers a range of health services all under the one roof.

One Point Health in High Street officially launched last week, that has consolidated several local health practitioners under the one roof.

Its five directors, Trent Baker, Jeffrey Jenkins, Naomi Amor, Chris Scanlon and Uty Kotwal are all local podiatrists, and have realised the benefits of that old saying ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’.

“Over a 16 year period [our directors] built strong independent practices in Penrith to deliver high level health to our community,” Mr Baker said.

“Those practices are now combined under the one roof to deliver an unprecedented level of healthcare in the most progressive facility of its kind.”

The team of 45 staff members includes 15 podiatrists, four physiotherapists, two musculoskeletal chiropractors and a sports physician.

These specialist services are in addition to massage therapy, exercise physiology, dietetics and foot and ankle surgery.

The range of services working together means clients can be directed to a more appropriate service if the initial consultation isn’t right.

“We deliver this because we know the people of Penrith need this level of care,” Mr Baker said.

“It’s been proven that a multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare produces superior results. We aim to take this to the next level.”

Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres said the approach is a smart, practical and innovative way of doing business.

“It’s about bringing different businesses together and creating efficiencies so those professionals can spend more time caring for the people that they want to look after,” he said.

“Behind the scenes we see a greater ability to coordinate administrative practices so those small businesses can share those costs over a wider group of people.”

He said by creating better efficiencies, the end product or service is the best possible that a client or patient can get.

“This is a community that wants the highest quality of care. It doesn’t feel like it should have to travel somewhere else to get access to the best professionals,” he said.

“We’ve got them here, and we’ve always had them here.”

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