Local member disheartens LGBTI community over gay marriage stance

Pastor Sue Palmer and Member for Mulgoa Tanya Davies.
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Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies, has disappointed the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community.

Responding to queries raised by the Weekender after controversial reports one of her campaign supporters was publicly homophobic, Ms Davies said she does not support such inflammatory and intimidatory language.

She did, however, affirm her stance on traditional marriage, that has been labelled ‘not well researched’ and ‘ignorant’.

“I stand for traditional marriage between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others for life,” Ms Davies said.

“This foundational platform of our society has stood for thousands of years spanning across societies, cultures, beliefs and governments. It is a proven structure for a stable society and the right structure within which to raise and nurture children.”

Pastor Sue Palmer from The Open Door Church has been a strong voice for the LGBTI community in western Sydney, and provided the Weekender with an elaborate response on none other than International Day for Homophobia and Transphobia on Tuesday, May 17.

Pr Palmer said marriage, as an institution, has changed many times over the thousands of years that Ms Davies referred to.

“For many centuries marriage was used as a bartering system for daughters to be given away. Love did not factor into the marriage at all,” she said.

“To argue that marriage has been a foundational platform whilst ignoring the many variances to this institution is not an accurate portrayal of how marriage has been lived out over the centuries.”

Members of the LGBTI community ahead of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Photo: Megan Dunn.
Members of the LGBTI community ahead of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Photo: Megan Dunn.

Pr Palmer rejected the idea that traditional marriage is the right structure in which to raise an nurture children.

“In the heterosexual community there is widespread abortion, child abuse and abandonment,” she said.

“Two mums or two dads is not the problem. Love, security, social and economic support have been shown to matter more to children than the gender or sexuality of the parent provider.

“Children need love and nurture. Same sex couples around the world are providing just that.”

Pr Palmer said marriage has changed,and is changing, and for politicians to ignore that is unrepresentative.

“The continuing changes to this institution are very real because culture does change, whether we like it or not,” she said.

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