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michaelI am a big believer that hiring the right staff is a very important part of the overall formula for business success. They are what keeps cash flow levels solid and are the ones that are on the ground daily, echoing your plans and thoughts constantly.

It is vital to get good staff. The best business people will tell you this. It is also very hard to do and only a carefully thought out plan will aid you in finding the right people.

It is also very true that a small team of A+ employees can run rings around a larger team of B and C players. They are smarter, making them more efficient thus meaning they will achieve more. But the plan depends on the workplace and the line of work that is being recruited for.

I have seen firsthand the benefits of how getting better at hiring gives a business greater performance and productivity, increased employee retention and much greater results.

So what do you currently have in your business?

Do you have A+ staff that are motivated, switched on and creative with high expectations for themselves and others? Or do you have B and C players that just do enough to get by and be paid for it?

At this point the battle to find and employ the ‘A-listers’ starts.

People are a business’ most valuable asset making hiring a very important management skill. It should be taken seriously.

Some words from Steve Jobs always stick out in my head when talking about the importance of recruiting. It went something like – If you are by yourself in business and want to find a partner you wouldn’t make that decision lightly. He/she would be half of your company. Why should you take any less time finding a third of your company or a fourth of your company or a fifth of your company?

When you’re growing a business, the first 10 people will determine whether the company succeeds or not. If three were not so great, why would you want a company where 30 per cent of your people are not so great?

A small company depends on great people much more than a big company does.

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