Weight loss journey should start with your doctor

Erskine Park doctor Rosemarie Castro. Photo: Megan Dunn
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Local GP, Dr Rosemarie Castro, is encouraging residents to consult their local doctors when trying to manage their weight.

As part of the 2015 National Obesity Forum, Dr Castro as well as a range of other GPs are highlighting the importance of Australians utilising their doctors as a weight management resource.

“Doctors are the front liners of primary health,” Dr Castro said.

“We are the best resource for people wanting to avoid and prevent chronic illness that most of the time comes from being obese.”

A consumer education campaign tackling these issues called Doctor on Your Side has been launched which aims to encourage overweight and obese people to think of their GP as the first port of call for weight issues.

Dr Castro is just one of some 150 doctors who are part of the GP Weight Loss Alliance, a new platform used for doctors when informing their patients what is best for them when it comes to their weight.

“We provide counselling to the patient and from that we establish what will fit in best with them,” Dr Castro said.

“Modifying their diet and doing regular exercise is often the best option but later down the track we can also offer proper medication.”

Doctors from the Weight Loss Alliance have put the call out for the Australian government and healthcare professional organisations to recognise obesity as a chronic disease in its own right, something Dr Castro says needs to be done.

Locals who want to lose weight can visit www.doctoronyourside.com.au to access tools to help initiate a discussion about weight loss with their doctor.

– Jade Aliprandi

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