Do parks need to be more connected?

Junior Councillor Emily King with Councillor Marcus Cornish
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Outside of school hours, safer and more connected local parks are a top priority for Junior Councillor, Emily King.

Just a few weeks into her role on Penrith’s Junior Council, Miss King has highlighted a few issues she wants fixed in our local parks.

“I don’t think they’re safe or maintained,” she said.

“Children are getting injured when they are going to the parks, they are meant to be safe for children to come and play, not to get injured.

“I want people to come together to brainstorm ideas on how to make all of our parks safer.”

Miss King said in order to encourage more adults to spend more time in local parks, she recommends providing a Wi-Fi service.

“To attract more people to these ‘soon-to-be-safer’ parks, we should provide free Wi-Fi in each park,” she said.

“It will bring youth and parents to the parks who can do work here, and then the kids can come along to play.”

Wi-Fi in local parks would be a huge expense but many Councils are starting to implement such technology.

Miss King has the support of her Council mentor, Councillor Marcus Cornish, who said he will take her issues to Penrith City Council.

“All major parks should be prioritised to start with, whether they are playing fields or picnic facilities,” he said.

Miss King and Cr Cornish recently visited Jamison Park, which Cr Cornish said is a modern, all-accessible park but lacks one thing.

“Parks should always be accessible for all people, but as I look around, there are a lot of people but no BBQs, and this is a perfect spot for that,” he said

“To utilise parks better, they need to have better facilities. A lot can be done, and Emily has highlighted many of the things that need improvement.”

Cr Cornish will raise Miss King’s requests at the next Council meeting this Monday night.

– Dale Drinkwater


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