Penrith restaurants that are now confined to history

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Restaurants come and go, and as the years and decades go by, we tend to forget about some of the great places we ate. Here’s a look back at some great Penrith restaurants from the past….

9The Keg

The Keg was located on the corner of Henry Street and Evan Street, Penrith. This photograph was taken in 1991. (Photo thanks to Penrith City Library)


8All-you-can-eat Pizza Hut!

Notice the Pizza Hut in the background? It was a High Street institution for many years, and was at its best during the 1980s and 1990s! (Photo thanks to Penrith City Library)


7The Log Cabin

What a view! The Log Cabin was a great place to eat, whether it was a nice romantic meal overlooking the Nepean River or a great pub feed. Unfortunately, the Log Cabin burned down in 2012 and the site remains vacant.


6Lone Star

What’s that on the floor? The Lone Star was a great steakhouse and a Penrith icon! It was located on the site now occupied by Outback Steakhouse


5Stone Grill

The Stone Grill restaurant brought a unique concept to Penrith in the mid-2000’s. The restaurant closed in 2015. Regulars would remember the great hospitality of original owners John and Greg


4The old Panthers Leagues Club

Check out this shot from 1971! It’s of a special smorgasbord dinner held at the old Penrith Panthers Leagues Club on Station Street, Penrith. (Photo thanks to Penrith City Council)


3Pack ‘N’ Saddle

Do you remember the old Pack ‘N’ Saddle restaurant on Lawson Street, Penrith? The site has been home to many restaurants, including the original OSSO and currently, Akira.


2Beef & Barramundi

It’s now the Coffee Club, but for many years before that, the site on Tench Reserve was actually The Beef & Barramundi restaurant. Do you remember it?


1La Boudeuse French Restaurant

We don’t know much about this one, but the La Boudeuse French Restaurant was located upstairs at 542-550 High Street, Penrith in the 1980s. (Photo thanks to Penrith City Council)

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