Does size matter in Glenmore Park?

Penrith Councillor Kevin Crameri
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Amid debate on whether the move will be beneficial for prospective buyers or not, Penrith Council has moved a recommendation to change the size and number of dwellings in Glenmore Park Stage 2.

Buyers may now find more lots at a more affordable price, but it will cost them the size of their block.

City Planning Manager Paul Grimson said the total number of lots in Precinct C of Stage 2 will be increased by 94, from 250 to 344, by reducing their size by up to 300 square metres.

“[The draft Planning Proposal will] reduce minimum lot sizes from 750 square metres to 450 square metres in area two, and from 1000 square metres to 750 square metres in area 1, and delete the maximum dwelling yield cap,” he said.

“1000 metre squared lots move less and are less affordable on the local market.”

Councillor Kevin Crameri said he doesn’t believe in the change and suggested the reason why the lots were unaffordable was not size, but because they were too expensive in the first place.

“They are priced too high that’s why they are unaffordable. I don’t really believe in that, I can see the same infrastructure with smaller lots,” he said.

“An extra 94 lots at [around] $200,000 a lot – a cool $20 million profit. As far as I can see the only difference is $20 million.”

Councillor Mark Davies said big lots of 1000 square metres are in high demand because you can’t buy them anymore, and Councillor Marcus Cornish agreed.

“We need houses here, we need larger lot sizes… I think more people would bring more business to Penrith if we do have decent lot sizes,” Cr Cornish said.

However, Councillor Karen McKeown stressed the need for the smaller lot sizes as families already struggle to buy land that sells too quickly.

10 Councillors voted for the recommendation, with the draft Planning Proposal to be sent to the Department of Planning and Environment for its approval.

– Dale Drinkwater

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