Importance of leadership

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No matter what the workplace, effective leadership is very important. It can mean success or failure, growth or loss and satisfaction or general discontent among employees.

Leadership is more than just the management of assigning tasks and establishing goals. It is also the ability to inspire and motivate, give confidence and encouragement whilst also providing authority and feedback.

Walk the talk. Good leaders show employees how it should be done through actions and attitudes. In business, staff looks to leaders not only for vision and guidance, but as someone to emulate. So set the standard by putting in the amount of effort you expect in return.

For many employees, good leadership within their company can be more important than financial benefits. It is often the case that people are willing to leave a business and good benefits, for the lack of good leadership.
Some attributes of good leaders are:

Team-building skills: Recognition and acknowledgement are two of the most powerful motivators in human behaviour; a leader who gives credit where it is due, shares it around the team and rewards followers for their contribution will build a more cohesive and successful team.

Courage and determination: Effective workplace leaders have the confidence to stand behind what they believe in and the drive to inspire their team to overcome challenges.

Stability: Staff who see their boss as honest and having a strong commitment to doing the right thing are more assured. They know that their leader’s integrity will not be shaken when tough decisions need to be made. Their boss will “stick up” for their employees and support them.

Flexible leadership style: Every person and situation is different. The ability to adapt leadership styles is important.

Open Mind: Effective leaders take risks, they are not afraid of innovative ideas which challenge the status quo and welcome these from their team.

Integrity: Leadership cannot succeed without trust and respect and these two can only be given when a leader shows great integrity and ethics.

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