The Elevator Pitch

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With time becoming more and more scarce these days, we don’t have the exclusivity or chances to present ourselves to potential clients that we once did.

Whether it be at networking events, coffee meetings or impromptu catch ups, the 30-second commercial or the ‘elevator’ pitch is more important than ever.

The elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that you spark interest in what your business does. It is more important than some people think. Some business people have so many products or services that they find hard to explain quickly.

However, there is no need to be flustered or unprepared when someone asks the inevitable question of “what do you do?” You never know when the next opportunity might come your way so by planning and being calm, you can really help your image and business.

Now no one business is the same as the other but there is a general plan in coming up with your own elevator pitch. You need to decipher:

• Who you are? (the business details)

• What you do? (the types of products and/or services you offer)

• How you do it? (how you deliver, create or develop your services or products)

Be clear, concise and specific. Explain how the services or products can add value. Today, competition is pretty big in most industries so make sure you outline why they need you and not another business with similar offerings.

As an example, here is some words I say when asked what I do:

“I am from the local Business Enterprise Centre which specialises in giving business advice and training. We assist over 1,200 businesses every year using our experience, exclusive resources and different way of thinking which generate results for clients that aren’t matched.”

That pitch often leads to more questions. I don’t give out all the details, not to leave them wanting more but to add an element of suspense and curiousness that it creates.

Add confidence and enthusiasm in what you do and represent and you have a big chance of potential clients remembering you. Leave an impact and image on them that you would expect from someone delivering their pitch to you.

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