From beauty queens to anti-violence crusaders

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Local beauty queen, Kim Cancellier, is taking her passion for ending violence against women to a global level.

The Ropes Crossing resident is part of a worldwide community-based organisation called ‘Queens Without Scars’, which was created by a number of international beauty queens who all participated in the Miss Universe world finals in 2014.

Ms Cancellier, who manages the organisation’s Facebook page, is leading its most recent campaign to raise awareness of violence against women.

“The aim of this global campaign is to educate society that all women should be viewed as queens in their own right and a queen deserves to be treated with respect,” Ms Cancellier said.

“It is the aim to provide victims with a voice to ‘speak out’ on their behalf until they find the confidence to do so themselves and to reinforce the fact that by working together on this global issue violence against women can be put to an end.”

Ms Cancellier has raised over $20,000 for charitable organisations in the past year.

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