Diamond shapes

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Have you ever wondered what all of the different diamond shapes say about their owners? Or why you are drawn to one shape over another, which often has nothing to do with popularity or fashion?

Here’s my take on what your diamond shape says about you. There are lots of shapes available but I have picked my top five.

Round is a very classic shape. It’s also considered to be the most brilliant of all diamonds as a round brilliant cut allows for even dispersion of light. It can also hide inclusions very well! If you have always dreamed of a round diamond you are a traditional romantic at heart.

The second most popular diamond shape would have to be an even tie between a princess and cushion cut. Princess is a true square shaped diamond with straight sides and precisely pointed corners.

It’s considered to be quite a modern looking shape and if this is your choice you are more than likely fashion forward and will be a modern bride.

The cushion cut has softer corners and slightly curved sides. It also offers more choice within the shape itself as you can find stunning cushion cuts with a rectangular shape or edging more towards square.

Ladies with a slight vintage flair generally wear cushions. Also those of you looking for the sparkle of a round with a square look, but wish to avoid the ‘sharpness’ of a princess cut will tend to like these best.

If you are more drawn to the elegant emerald cut (or asscher cut) then I would say you love clean lines and a more subtle kind of sparkle. Emerald and asscher cuts are part of the ‘step cut’ family and exhibit crisp flashes of light rather than lots of small scintillation or sparkle.

My favourite diamond shape has to be the pear shape. My wife wears a pear and I love the timeless shape of this stone. The perfect pear shape diamond can be tricky to source though as they are a bit of a mix between the oval and marquise shape and can exhibit a ‘bowtie’ if they are not proportioned well. Pear diamond lovers are generally traditional and romantic but are unique at the same time.

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