Passion goes a long way

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People who start a business or run an existing business rarely lack advice. There is always someone that sticks their two bobs worth into your business (so to speak) which often starts with the reinforcement of the conventional actions needed.

They say write a detailed business plan, set targets, look after your intellectual property, network and build relationships, promote yourself shamelessly, delegate lots and so on.

I believe the orthodox approach isn’t always the appropriate one. In fact, more often than you may think, it’s the creative and unconventional types that insist on doing business how they please, that establish their point/s of difference early and become happy and successful.

You need to see the market like no one before you and operate a service that adds something to people’s lives, being clearly different from your ‘competition’. I say competition like that because if you start with and then maintain an edge on businesses that advertise that they offer the same service as you, then they will not bother you much.

The measurements of success are usually along the lines of results you provide clients, customer service you offer, and/or the type of product or service you deliver.

Every business has to be real, creating a vision or strategy that is not replicating the past. Thinking original thoughts and using proactive ideas that haven’t been practiced yet should be your priority.

Of course, researching and thoughtful process before most decisions is advised, but many businesses that are successful didn’t necessarily start with the careful planning and capital you think they might have.

In my opinion, if you have passion and enthusiasm in what you do, you will go a long way to achieving what you set out to. Sure, you need to have a great product or service, great customer service and have the basics covered but if you can’t imagine something happening then I can tell you it won’t in the real world.

So take a look at your business now. What does it offer that is different to others? Is it you? Is it your methods of customer service? What else?


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