Do you really need to detox?

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It seems like everyone is promoting some sort of detoxification or ‘detox’ product to get you healthy.

The human body has managed to detoxify itself for a couple million years, so before you pour some processed rubbish into your system that may do more harm than good, try using ‘real’ food!

Good, nutritious, ‘real’ food will let the organs of your body do the job they are designed to do and that’s way better than any product, no matter how appealing the marketing!

A healthy liver is the primary organ to neutralise and eliminate toxins as it transforms toxins into a form that allows them to be successfully carried out of the body.

But if the body’s toxic burden gets too heavy, from junk ‘non-food’ or even dodgy detox products, the liver can become overwhelmed and unable to neutralise hazardous debris in the blood stream.

A healthy gut will perform regular healthy bowel movements that are absolutely essential for removing toxins from the body.

We should be eliminating the waste from the meals that we consume, along with the waste from the microorganisms in our gut, about every 24-hour period.

If this does not happen, the waste can become a breeding ground for hazardous micro-organisms and parasites, which leads to a putrefaction process and greatly increases the release of endotoxins throughout the bloodstream.

This can then overwhelm the liver and create a vicious cycle of toxicity that affects everything in the body.

Also kidneys are an essential detoxification organ that pulls urea out of the body. Poorly functioning kidneys lead to elevated toxicity, particularly with chemicals such as ammonia, which is extremely toxic to the brain.

Poor kidney elimination is also related to blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

So a well fed, healthy body is well able to handle all its own maintenance and detoxification if you look after it with some wholesome food. I’ll be picking the organic veg over the detox powder next time I’m at the shop.

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