Noise, safety concerns at Jordan Springs

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Jordan Springs residents say they fear for their safety and are kept up late into the night due to traffic noise generated from the Northern Road.

Now, they are campaigning for what they claim they were originally promised when they bought into the suburb – a noise barrier.

Chris McAlpine’s home faces the Northern Road and he says he can hear trucks braking at all hours of the night.

“I moved in here two years ago, and I was told that there would be some form of noise barrier, I don’t know what form it would take, installed along the suburb’s frontage to the Northern Road,” he said.

“We are still trying to find out just when that is going to happen, but Lend Lease are not being cooperative.”

He said something needs to be done because residents can’t go on putting up with the current situation.

“We need some form of screening because this is a very busy road, and it is only going to be more busy once the widening is completed,” he said.

“There have been accidents where cars have left the road and ploughed towards our homes, which are down the embankment. It’s only 10 metres away.”

Luigi Ragusa lives about 400 metres away from the main road and says that the noise is a major concern.

“I am quite far away from the road but I can hear trucks braking and other traffic noises, especially late into the evening,” he said.

He said that with the State Government responsible for the widening of the Northern Road, there has been mention of sound barriers for the western side for Cranebrook, but nothing mentioned for the eastern side for Jordan Springs.

Cr Prue Car said that she will raise the matter with Council.

“I will be calling for a report on what sort of barriers might be installed along the Northern Road, and what funding options are available,” she said.

“I invite any concerned residents to come along to the next Council meeting.”

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