Confidence and enthusiasm

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I believe that confidence and enthusiasm play a huge part in business success. Being enthusiastic in what you do breeds confidence.

You cannot expect potential clients to have confidence in your products or services if you don’t believe in them yourself.

It has to be a part of your overall personality and the way you conduct your business. There are certain actions and traits that make an enthusiastic and confident person. You need to look the part, have great posture, smile often, maintain good eye contact and have approachable body language.

You will find you are able to make better contacts and connections when you believe in yourself. Relationships are undoubtedly what build the greatest businesses. Having natural confidence means that there is no reason to worry about having approval from other people. With self-confidence, you’re able to naturally connect with others by giving them the very best of yourself.

In reality, self-confidence is often a more important asset than skill, knowledge, or even experience. This might seem like a big statement, but you will find yourself in situations where other people have the same skills, knowledge, and experience as you.

So what is your point of difference to everyone else? It is often your self-belief, that confidence and enthusiasm for what you offer.

Confidence is also reassuring to others. People have a natural tendency to trust you more when you seem confident. To the subconscious mind confidence equals competence.

Confidence creates trust, and everyone wants to be able to trust the people they do business with. If you want to be trusted by others, you must trust yourself. To garner that trust, you must project confidence. This is all based on perception of course. You can be a very trustworthy person and still lack confidence.

So have a think and reflect on how you conduct yourselves on a daily basis. Are you enthusiastic about what you do? Do you have confidence in what you offer? Your measure of success may lie with the answers to those questions.

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