Web boost for Cranebrook


Many residents and businesses in Cranebrook can now experience faster internet speeds on their ADSL service following infrastructure upgrades in the local area.

For many of Cranebrook’s local residents and businesses, the Internet boost will give access to services previously unavailable to them, including digital TV through Telstra’s T-Box and Telstra’s new Digital Office Technology (DOT).

Telstra Country Wide Area General Manager for Sydney West, Andrew Bogg, said Telstra was investing in local communities across the country to bring faster speeds and improved access to technology.

Springwood residents will also see a boost.

“We want to make sure our customers have the best experience possible when using our network, and so we’ve invested in improved infrastructure into Cranebrook and Springwood,” said Mr Bogg.

“We’ve listened to local residents who want more consistent access to higher internet speeds and the opportunity to use some of our premium products.

“The existing infrastructure in the local exchange was struggling to meet the demand in Cranebrook and Springwood for fast internet at certain times. We’re very excited that this upgrade will allow many of our customers to have a more consistent speed experience when using their ADSL service, either at home or at work.

“From ready-made entertainment through our Entertainer Bundles, including high-speed broadband, home phone and 11 Foxtel on T-Box channels, to business solutions through DOT, many residents in Cranebrook and Springwood can expect to see some important benefits from the upgrade.

“Telstra is committed to ongoing innovation and investment in Cranebrook and Springwood, and the close working relationships we have with our local communities are critical to ensuring we continue to meet the growing needs and expectations of our customers.”

There may be some individual reasons customers still do not get the Internet speeds they expect from their service. These include a customer’s distance from the exchange, their own equipment and whether or not they are served by the specific parts of the exchange that have received an upgrade.

Meanwhile, it’s been confirmed that Kingswood and Cambridge Park are among the next suburbs to be included in the NBN rollout.