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Have you ever thought of getting help with your health? Maybe you wanted to hire a trainer but thought you’re too unfit to start? Well if you are sick do you wait until you’re better before you go to the doctor? What about quickly change your oil before you take the car in for a service? We don’t want the mechanic seeing how dirty our old oil is!

Starting your training journey is daunting. It’s very hard for an overweight, unfit person to walk into a gym or see a trainer for the first time. I don’t just mean hard to get up the steps but the willpower to stick to the decision and go right outside their comfort zone.

It makes people feel quite vulnerable. The trainer is most likely quite fit and healthy themselves, so people think trainers must be looking at their new client judging them or quietly saying, how could you let yourself go this much and be so lazy!

It’s funny but it’s assumed everybody knows how to keep fit and anyone who doesn’t is just lazy. We all own a body so must know how to look after it… right? This isn’t true.

I train people to become trainers and I know how much is involved in making someone good at it. To assume everybody should just know how to do it is ridiculous.

A trainer is in the trade of getting people fit. The ‘product’ they make is fit, healthy people. Any trainer worth more than $1.50 an hour knows how people feel when coming in the first time.

They are professionals, assessing where a new client is and where they want to be and then designing a way to get them there. They’re not thinking ‘Ha ha you’re fat and I’m not’. They have chosen to follow a career path that revolves around helping others improve their results too. It is a service industry. Skill level as a trainer is judged by what they can do for a client.

It’s entirely normal to feel a little trepidation starting out, but give it a while and see if that doesn’t turn into excitement as you start feeling and seeing all the great results from your efforts.

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