New roundabout to reduce crashes

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Construction has commenced on a new roundabout on Maxwell Street at the intersection with Aspen Street in South Penrith.

Penrith City Council submitted a proposal to the State Government in 2012 to upgrade the intersection after statistics gathered by the Roads and Maritime Services showed the intersection was a blackspot for accidents.

There were 15 accidents at the intersection in a five year period to 2012, with eight of those resulting in casualties.

“The new roundabout is an endorsed State Blackspot program that is jointly funded with Council. Council were successful through the Auslink Blackspot Program for this financial year,” a Council spokesperson said.

“The intersection met the Blackspot criteria due to accidents that have occurred there. The proposal is designed mainly to reduce vehicle crashes at the intersection.”

The works being carried out include a one-lane roundabout, traffic calming measures, new line marking, lighting and signage.

The intersection formerly included a turning lane on Maxwell Street to access the Pioneer Tavern and 7-Eleven petrol station, in very close proximity to the intersection with the Northern Road.

7-Eleven store manager, Sunny Chowdhry, said that once the roundabout is complete it will make the intersection much safer.

“It is difficult for our customers at that intersection, so once it is complete it will be much safer,” he said.

“People often get stuck at the intersection and do not know how to use the turning lane. I think it will be better for our business once it is constructed.”

The new roundabout will cost approximately $250,000.

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