Bad habits

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Some say our net worth is determined by what remains after our bad habits are subtracted from our good ones and that is a fair assumption.

Bad habits make or break your business. I have done some research and combined it along with my own opinion and experience from dealing with clients to make a list of bad habits which could have a negative effect on your business:

Poor handshake: It’s unprofessional giving a soft handshake. It’s not a good way to start your first impression.

Not RSVPing: Not making the effort to say you can or cannot attend an event is enough for some people to write you off completely. Even worse is saying you are coming and then not showing up.

Bad Punctuality: I was guilty of this until I made it this year’s resolution to be on time for meetings. Don’t make being late a habit.

Phubbing: Playing with your phone too much at work or during networking events is a no-no. It’s either saying you don’t care or shows you are too easily distracted.

Unmanned mobiles: Don’t leave your mobile phone unattended on a desk if it rings or vibrates constantly.

Inappropriate work attire: Skirts that are way too short, revealing tops and suits from 1920 spell unprofessionalism.

Coming to work sick: It only affects workmates and isn’t good for productivity at all. Work remotely if you must.

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