World's best lends his advice

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The world’s number one self defence instructor, Lee Morrison, is headed to Penrith next week to teach locals how to protect themselves in dangerous situations.

The popular UK-based martial artist will conduct a one day seminar at Krav Maga Western Sydney where he will teach everything there is to know about self defence.

“I’ve trained with him in the past and by far he is the best of the best in his field,” Jeff Phillips, owner of Krav Maga Western Sydney said.

“There’s a big misconception of what self defence is, so many people are misinformed.”

During the six hour seminar Morrison will teach participants the necessary physical skills as well as lecture them on how to prevent getting into dangerous situations.

“Self defence is not just the physical, our belief is that if you’ve got to the point where someone’s grabbed you, you’ve already missed about 10 other steps that you could’ve previously done to prevent that from occurring,” Mr Phillips said.

With assaults occurring in and around Sydney every day, its never been a more important time to learn how to protect yourself.

“The seminar will set you on the right rack and give you a better understanding on what self defence truly is,” Mr Phillips said.

“Unlike martial arts, the good thing about what Lee teaches is that he doesn’t overcomplicate something that doesn’t need to be. He only pinpoints the useful skills and techniques you will need.”

Lee Morrison was an accomplished martial artist who used his employment as a bouncer in some of the UK’s toughest clubs as a testing ground. He quickly discovered what worked and what didn’t.

Lee Morrison’s self defence seminar is on Saturday, August 10 at Krav Maga Western Sydney, located at Suite 1, 401 High Street, Penrith. Tickets are $150.

To book or for more information call 0417 402 902 or email [email protected]

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